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Build your critical cloud infrastructure and ETL in minutes, not weeks

Deliver production grade complex data transformation pipelines and the cloud infrastructure of your choice with Data Pipeliner – a meta-data driven ETL code and infrastructure management tool for modern data engineering teams who like to be in control of their code.

Automated end-to end data pipeline creation

Automating the most time-consuming and skill-demanding part – creation of ETL and infrastructure code

Step 1


Define your source to target transformation logic, not to mention partitions and much more. You can also find FAQ and additional guidance for populating the template here.


Step 2


Upload the mapping specification via CLI and Pipeliner will do the rest generating ETL jobs and IaC code.

Step 3


We will deliver the code straight to your deployment pipeline - the code is fully editable and can be deployed straight away! Congratulations, you’ve just saved yourself a day worth of work.

Get started

Pipeliner saves you hours and days of work while keeping you in a full control of your codebase.

    • What does it do?

      You are in control

      Our “no platform” philosophy and pipeline and infrastructure as a code approach ensures that you retain a full control of all your code.

    • What does it do?

      Secure by design

      Pipeliner applies a metadata driven approach to the automation of source to target data transformation code – we never touch your actual data.

    • What does it do?

      Easy switch

      We keep infrastructure code and ETL code fully decoupled from each so that you can easily switch between different cloud providers in a multi-cloud environment should you wish to do so.

    Assured by AWS

    Pipeliner is available through AWS Marketplace and fully complies with AWS Well-Architected framework best practice having passed a rigorous review process.

    Don’t be a stranger! We’d love to show you what Pipeliner can do - just leave your details and we will be back in touch in no time!